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A new Fun, Educational, Completely Innovative and Multifunctional Card Game

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Why TrikyTrail is different?

Connect People with a fun, easy and quick to learn game

TrikyTrail rules are simple and very easy to master. You will not have any problem to explain the game to your kids, family and people from all over the world you just met.

Combines Classic & Modern in a very clever way

TrikyTrail is basically a card game so you will not need cables, electricity nor batteries in order to play. However we add some very cool Augmented Reality features to spice up things.

Everyone can play! From kids to adults the fun is guaranteed

TrikyTrail can easily be played by kids above 7, travellers, adults, nuns, granparents and anybody else pop in your mind. From 2 to 8 players.

Highly Educational  and perfect to learn Worldwide facts

TrikyTrail is designed to make you learn many information without effort. Flags, Capital Cities, Countries Peculiarities, Food, Stunning places to visit, Worlwide Superstitions and a lot more.

We Have Created
A Real
Multifunctional Game

TrikyTrail seems a simple card game but in reality it is a collection of various different games. With it you can play almost every worlwide card game since the full game includes the official TrikyTrail card game + Standard, French Tarot and Neapolitans decks of cards.

With the full game you will also find many words translated in 11 different languages, QR Codes linked to a website in which we will give you many more information about the countries (almost like a mini tourist guide) and a phenomenal Augmented Reality App to really feel like if you were travelling.


Other Features

All the Graphics are designed by hand

Our artist is Alessandra Belgio – a young talented girl

Production Time

It took more then 2 years to develop everything

Cards Number

The full game content is more than 1032 cards

Soon on Kickstarter

TrikyTrail will be available for purchase probably in September but join our mailing list to be the first to hear about it


“This game is phenomenal. We had an amazing night playing with it in Santa Cruz (Bolivia)”

Josephine, Backpacker, 2017

“Me encantó este juego de cartas! Aprendes y te diviertes muchísimo ! Recomendable para todo el mundo y mas los viajeros!”

Spyros, Young Chiropractor, Addicted Traveller

“Jeu au top ! Mélange de fun et de culture géo! Pour tous les fans de voyages ou de jeux de cartes ! A ne surtout pas manque !”

Louis Thomann, Film Maker and Documentarist

“Divertente e molto istruttivo per grandi e piccini!!! Ho imparato alcune cose davvero impensabili!!!!”

Isabella, Mum of  2 beautiful little girls


Some TrikyTrail Videos

Click on the image to see the video full screen. Feel free to share it on all you social network so as many people as possible can benefit and play with this new fun card game.

QR Code

The QR Code, which is black square arranged in a square grid on a white background, will be linked to a website in which you will find many more useful information about the country, some interesting curiosity and a lot of other special tips. This will definately help you plan your next adventure trip or give you the buzz to plan one.

With TrikyTrail Card Game we really want you to appreciate the beauty of travelling and make you discover as much as possible about our phenomenal world!


Soon TrikyTrail will be launch on Kickstarter so if you leave us your email you will be notify shortly before the campaign start so you can be one of the few to benefit from the early bird rewards discount.
Kickstarter is a platform that help bring creative projects to life. Kickstarter helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality. So far, over 10 million people, from every continent on earth, have backed a Kickstarter project. Since their launch, on April 28, 2009, 15 million people have backed a project, $3.7 billion has been pledged, and 143,122 projects have been successfully funded.
TrikyTrail, even though apparently is only a simple card game, is very complex and costly to develop. So far we have been able to realize a functioning prototype, but to finalize the all project we need a lot more funds. This is why we are using the Kickstarter platform asking their community of followers to help us bring TrikyTrail alive on the global market.
Of course! You can buy the continent of your choice or you can buy the all world. This is entirely up to you.
The 4 continent decks contains info’s on Countries, Flags and Capital Cities while the bonus deck is entirely dedicated to the provinces and territories of U.S.A. and Canada with their relative Capital Cities, Flags and Sigillo. The Jokers are different as well and all there for you to be discovered.
Yes of Course! We want everybody to be able to play with this amazing feature of the game!
This is a very good question! So far we have using it as an extra feature so the game can easily be played without it. However having said so, we already have a lot of nice ideas to integrated the Augmented Reality in the game itself. Unfortunately, every extra idea has an extra cost. So the more pledge we will be able to get on Kickstarter the more fantastic this game will become!
America and Asia contain both one standard deck of card each (52 cards + 2 jokers). Europe comprise one standard deck of card (52 cards + 2 jokers) + the remaining French Tarot cards. Africa incorporates one standard deck of card (52 cards + 2 jokers) + 1 Neapolitan deck of card. The Bonus Deck is the only one without extra games.
This really depend on how many players are involved and the velocity of the players. However having said so an average round game last between 10 to 20 minutes.
Children above the age of 7 can easily play alone (the only requirement is to be able to read!). But if smaller, adults can help, no problem at all and the fun is guarantee 100%
Oh man, where to start!! You will find info’s on currency, population, idioma, phone call code, country size, best worldwide festival to attend, food, peculiarity of each countries, amazing places to visit, worldwide superstitions, curious guiness world records, amazing travel quotes, popular amusement parks, blowing mind facts, U.S.A. presidents and much more. Plus you will have around 200 words translated in 11 languages for you to learn in your spare time.

TrikyTrail Card Game is a project owned and created by Coralie Pellissier


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